Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Mr. Leynes's 5th grade classroom

Hello fellow parents of Room 5,
My name is Mr. Leynes and welcome to our Blog Room. We are happy to start this new program of ours "Integrating Technology in the Classroom". We want parents of National Elementary to get involved with the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) and think of ideas on how to fundraise and get brand new computers in the classroom. Computers in the classroom will help engage in their studies in each subject matter.
I know computers may be a distraction in peoples perspective but we will make sure our staff come up with ideas that students are only using computers as an educational tool. For example, Facebook, You Tube, My Space, etc., will be off limits because of the fire wall system that we will have.
1. Mac books:, With the Mac Book, I plan to have a History project about their favorite Historian Figure. Students will be able to make video clips, add amazing picture clips, add music to their projects. The more creative the better. Also, they will be able to present it to their fellow classmates. 2. The Smart Board:, The Smart Board, very interactive with the students! Do you think students love to follow along with boring Power Point lectures? I hated them as a high school student and when I was in college. So I want to pass along to my students, a fun interactive route to learning.
Remember parents, we are not asking for any donations. We are asking for some help/involvement and coming up with creative ideas on how to make funds for these technology items which will help boost our students learning skills to a new level. Also, you can post any comments or questions regarding the PTA program.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is an assignment for an educational technology course at National University. It is not a real fundraising blog.